You right about that old weird bitch hilary clinton.She should...

Richelle - April 24 2011, 9:03 PM

You right about that old weird bitch hilary clinton.She should have let that stupid journalist know this is not about no damn Libia.

Maybe that journalist didn't take his medication before he went to the press conference.

Or as usual american always put haiti in a lower rank.But anyway I feel pride to see michel stand next to our flag talk about our home.That thing call obama even he is the president of America his ass still own by the white people.See how republican block his ass in evrything he wants to do.I do not hate him but sinced he treated preval like little dog last time I have no use for him, however I voted for that ngro.Even preval deseved it but as a black president he should not treated him like that.Bush would never do that this is why I like republicans because they real. Democrates are fake sometimes, hilary do not mean nothing she says in favor haiti.She stand there blah-blah with her face full of wrinkle.

madigra she wants mirlande mdivine pareil liya.

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Under a black with a white mask face's...

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