Under a black with a white mask face's administration, Haiti...

Toulimen Legrand - April 24 2011, 10:59 AM

Under a black with a white mask face's administration, Haiti has become more vulnerable than under a mainstream white American president.

Once again, Hilary Clinton has disrespected all Haitians through her Press Conference with President Michel Martelly.

She did it on purpose to humiliate Martelly as not being a bright intellectual like Mirelande based on her previous false assumptions of the guy. However, Michel Martelly will make them respect all Haitians by prioritizing Haiti's interests first than any other countries.

She answered questions on Lybia to diminish Haiti as not being a country.

For the United States, Haiti can be a country only if all Haitians can turn Haiti over to them so they could consider it as an unincorporated territory like GUAM and Puerto-Rico.

Never, those Yankees will not get our land. With dignity, we will stay and remain Haitians who are living in an independent country forever.

They have no protocol for small countries and Michel Martelly needs to consider Haiti as a non-aligned country like Brazil did it before becoming a strong country today.

Haiti needs to invest in science and technology if they want to integrate the so-called Modern World.

Martelly must call on all educated Haitians to start creating foreign language departments, science, research and technology departments, culture and art departments within the Haitian National Board of Education as well as within our public universities.

We don't need to send Haitians overseas to study and what we need is to inventory all our educated people living overseas and call on them to serve the needs of Haitians in Haiti.

Duvalier has helped in the developments of those countries Mali, Senegal, Congo, Burundi, Cameroon and Quebec in 1960 by expulsing our educated Haitian elites.

Now, we should get back the educated Haitian elites overseas to help us shape the educational system that we want to implement in the days ahead.

If we can do that we will not be humiliated another time by Hilary Clinton and Obama who have no respect for Haitians at all. This black with a mask face in the White House needs to know that he could never become president in the U.S. if our ancestors did not pave the way for him as the first black independent country in the world.

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I thought this speach was with the Haitian President...

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