President Martelly needs an Alcatraz prison

Marlene Burcky - April 25 2011, 12:58 AM

I agree with this young boy of 35y talking about the voleurs, Kidnapers .25% of the income in Santo Domingo comes from the visitors.

Between my husband and I we spent for vacation in Punta Cana last January $5000.

this money if I felt safe in my country I would rather go there.

How could I take the chance to go to Haiti when those Kidnapers are watching all the peoples who comes from the USA.

Even the peoples in Haiti are afraid to sell their properties because of the Kidnapers
President Martelly I know you have some priorities, in the same army in Haiti have Kidnapers.

They sit behind their desks and send the poors peoples to do the kidnaping.

I like you very much and I am a Democrat The partnership with the USA is great but after you are done with your priorities PLEASE BUILT AN ALCATRAZ PRISON take all the money those kidnapers have, put them in the new Haitian Alcatraz and put them to work inside for free sentence them for life in prison .You are not a criminal like papa Doc or his Son or voleur like Aristide
I am asking you for justice, I know you know what I am talking about is true.

This is an emergency, I understand you are not a magician but as soon as you can have an army who is not corrumpted have them thrown in the Haitians Alcatraz.

I and million of Haitians need to come and spend our money on vacation in our Haiti Cherie
Thank you in advence Mr President all I need from you is to go on vacation to Haiti without fear God Bless you
After your inauguration Aristide the monkey has to give back all the money he stole back and go back to Africa where the monkeys are waiting for him.That Baby Doc has to give back this money that's sitting in Suisse'Bank die and go to hell to his mother and father
Prevale can also go to Cuba and drink with fidele Castro
This country Haiti needs a good clean up for you to fuction in peace.

I said enough for today AGAIN VIVE MARTELLY I like you

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