A non-exhaustive analysis. Precept 1: The classical 4 phases...

Jgc - April 8 2011, 9:40 AM

A non-exhaustive analysis.

Precept 1: The classical 4 phases in Emergency and disater Management are Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.

Precept 2: Emergency and Disasters can be natural or man-made.

Precept 3: When two disaster occur in tandem they are called convergent catastrophies.

Precept 4: some convergent catastrophies are predictible.

Only a fool would fail to plan/act to keep things under control.

On those basis the following analysis can help shed some light on the situation:

Our babysitters have concluded that our situation is 2 fold and requires a combined approach:

Phase 1 (The covert approach, spurred by a plausible excuse)
This initial preparedness phase has nothing to do with the hurricane season wrought by nature per se as claimed, at least directly.

It appears to be aimed at mitigating the possibility of social unrest that might unfurl like a man-made hurricane as a reult of the electoral season.

Hmmmmm! (that is the meaning for hurricane season as used here).

It leads into mitigation.

In this case, mitigation also involves the implementation of preventive measures to keep (social) diseases from becoming rampant, hence the doctors/soldiers, the syringes/military paraphernalia, the anesthetics/tear gas and the drugs/bullets.


If needed, in the event of disaster (socila unres whatever the cause, the man-power will be in place to enter promptly into the adequate response phase.Law and order (public health) will triumph.

Ordo ab chaos.


Well, we are well prepared for phase 1 of the operation.

As the ambassador/surgeon general for Haiti says: there is no need to worry.


Phase 2: (The overt approach)

When the hurricane season wrought by nature (the one catastrophy that cannot be prevented) finally arrives, the troops (substituting for our non-active national guard) under the mutual-aid compact will officially be already in place to help with response and possible recovery.Once again, Ordo ab chaos.

Summary: The man-made catastrophy was averted.

Convergent catastrophy was avoided.


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