I do not know how much he knows to lead any type of...

Jean - April 7 2011, 11:26 PM

I do not know how much he knows to lead any type of negociations.

He willbe nervous all the time. As an outsider not knowing much about politics and diplomacy he will necessarily rely on staff to do the job.He will have to listen if he does not want to end up like Aristide.

It is very important for him to attact the problems we have in all the corrupted institutions in Haiti.

Aristide wanted to do something for the country but at the same time he wanted to be glorified, that is why he excluded a good part of the population that lead him to exile.

Martelly is very new in politics but he can turn things around by listening to people who believe in development and operate changes in the institutions, like de-centralize the system.Let the people choose their leaders.Let the people elect the judges, It should be a "Chief of Department" in each department elected by the people that will decentralize the country.The "commissaire of Police" should be elected, these guys will never do a great job if you do not put them face to face to the people.

I hope Mr. Martelly takes notes.

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