Well, this is it! I knew Martelly would be president even...

Jean Willio Jean Jules - April 4 2011, 6:34 PM

Well, this is it! I knew Martelly would be president even though Mirlande Manigat had studied in well-known universities, but I was not convinced that she would be president of my dear Haiti .Now, what my president his exc. Mr. Michel Martelly can do for her to show her proof of unity is to invite her to be one of his administration members if she wants to because I remember when she won the senate seat she didn't accept it at all, not only because her husband told her not to, but also she'd held grudges.

So let's pray that our president let himself guide by God while leading the country.

I have considered that election as a Brasil vs Agentina football game. So my prayers, love,and appreciation go to the president and his administration.Congratulation!

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