Neg Maron, I feel you! if you ever sit an talk to these guys...

Jynee - April 3 2011, 6:42 PM

Neg Maron,

I feel you! if you ever sit an talk to these guys in the Haitian govt, you realize why Haiti so messed up. They're just greedy brutes who are always scheming and hustling the people out of their rights and benefits.

But you right, this time people are just pissed off. Hell, I'm pissed off! I'm just sick and tired of the way these idiots who are so-called leaders.

They can't understand basic customer satisfaction, politician are there to serve so how the hell you don't serve the people but you hell bent on maintaining power.

If preval wanted power so danm bad, it didn't occur to him that maybe he should have tried to house the people and at least use the aid money to buy rice from the artibonite area to feed the people.

I mean what the hell?

How hard is that?

He didnkt have to waste all that money on Celestin campaign to nowhere, he just had to do something that benefit the people! I swear these idiots politians have manure for brain!

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I hear you loud and clear Jynee. But allow me to say...

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