You passion and love for our Haiti is clear. But again, i must...

Oukonkiyes - April 3 2011, 4:18 PM

You passion and love for our Haiti is clear.

But again, i must remind to be careful not too let the poison that you hate make its way to your mind.

Thought of Creation is of love, and thoughts of destruction is of hate.
Hate the situation but not the population.

Hate the game, but not the player.

Trust in the Haitian youth to change Haiti and your mind's view of despair.

When there is nothing to hang on to that's when you need to hang on hope more than ever.
To let go of hope is to give your mind away. To give your mind is the greatest self-inflicted pain.
Hang on with my hope i'll see you through.

Rise and feel your power.

It is not about them, but it about you. Rise!

Wait and see!

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