Lady Roseline, Your level headed comment is well taken and...

Wapsuiv - March 23 2011, 8:57 AM

Lady Roseline,

Your level headed comment is well taken and certainly appreciated.

I suppose being a visitor of Haiti with my church members everytime there is an event which demands humatartian assistance (i.e. floods in Gonaives, school building collapsing, cyclones and the last earthquake) has made me a bit bias against the elite class of Haiti, in as far as narrowing my point of view on the whole.

I know the so-called 'class' issue is not limited to only Haiti, but in Haiti is where i have seen it clearly; where i have breathed it bluntly.

You see, when you are helping to take taking worms out of someone wounds and you do not see enough antibiotics for that person, you began to feel like i do.
It is a mind-twisting experience to see the country where i was born; a place so rich with pride and history; a place with only 10 million people not to able to structure a government to produce the simple basic necessities of life, when the land can give so much.
Sister, right after certain experiences in life one tends to look at possible avenues to blame, and since the elite have the money and are connected to the intellectuals i tend to charge them with IRRESPONSIBILITY.

I do not believe that is unfair charge - not only in Haiti, but all over the world.

Michel, i believe, is of that state of mind. He is not the only one, but right now in Haiti he is the champion of that team who is charging the conscience of elite and intellectuals of the world with IRRESPONSIBILITY.

Our Martelly - yours and mine - is, when you look at the big picture, our hope for RESPONSIBILITY in Haiti.

I am certain that you can understand our frustration and our hope for action in his movement.

If it turns out to be less than expected, i say no big deal. This, simply because those who were suppose to be more than expected have yieled nothing for the future generation of Haiti to cultivate.

Let us wait and see if we will get some results, because talk is nothing.

Lord knows the intellectuals have given us a lot of talk already.

Now is time for responsible action for results.

Remember this is not Micky, but about Haiti's future and the youth heard his patrioctid song of responbility towards Haiti, and have voted him the next President.

Thank you for you level headed message, and i hope you understand ours. It is good that we talk like this. Let us continue, because there is lot to be gained with this kind of conscious communication.

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