It's people like you Sir, who represent the biggest problems...

Dr. D - March 21 2011, 12:05 AM

It's people like you Sir, who represent the biggest problems for Haiti.

Walking around, pretending to know it all, when really you don't know nada.You have your rights not to love Aristide, but talking about stuff that you don't know Sir, is really pissing me off. where have you been?

in space.

It seems to me that you are more interested in creationg lies than the well being of my beautiful Haiti.

Aristide is one guy who really did alot of stuff my friend.

Hopital la paix-- hopital delmas 31-- Universite de la caraibe kote papa-w blan te desann nan ou sonje; alot off schools all around haiti- and a villa for the government employee after they retired anba mon KABRIT.

When Aristide was president, he organized two elections without the help of foreign aid. So if you want to talk about what Aritide had done. send me your e-mail and I will forward to you everything that he has done.

foli konese, swe pa ou selman ki tal lekol STUPID.

Ou pa sel moun ki konsene nan pwoblem Ayiti, se nou tout. vye bagay!

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This is the proof of how much the world sees us as...

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yes DR D let them know they always talking shit about...

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