We'll my friend back in three years did you know that my...

Garry Destin - March 21 2011, 6:22 AM

We'll my friend back in three years did you know that my people were eating dirt with sugar.

If what you said is true look at the state of those whore are supporting.

I love my people and when it comes to "N" get that off your mind. A "N" is really one like you enjoy watching his people perish while he himself thinking he is blessed with a few dollars.

If Aristid built all these schools why these folk are not educated one. One can see by thir state that they are far from that.
Do you know i myself was one of the protesters for Atistide back in Brooklyn?

Any way this conversation is vague I look foward seing my people unite and Start becoming human again as our ancestors promised
So the word "N" brush it out of your mouth cause really if you look at it, it is the other way around.

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It's people like you Sir, who represent the biggest...

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