Jessca, you crazy big time."Aristide, Mirlande will give...

Richelle - March 19 2011, 9:10 AM

Jessca, you crazy big time."Aristide, Mirlande will give diploma"I know what diploma you are talking about.

Aristide will give diploma to whom?to those thugs for proceed kidnaping.Mirlande, will give her's to whom?oh ok I know who, to these woman that take her path.For the continual of stealing others husband.

I unsderstand exactly what you mean about these 2 will hold hands to give diplma.But onething Jessica, you seems to forget or too anxious about your candidate mirlande.

Therefore your thougths is based purely on conjecture.

Haitians are not stupid anymore!jessica, they know what they want and know exactly what to do. Haitians in this calamity because of your candidate +aristide.For your information about that dog called aristide, get rid of your cackiness he will die!ok wait n see.He is a devil, he has enjoyed play smart with stupid people, he didn't give nobody diploma whiel in power neither mirlande, while she had that senat seat.Get this the minute he signs to return that was his death certificate he signed.

To go back to your diploma thing, how many dilpoma Mirlande give before, perhaps you n Nancy has one from her, I can seen that. Tomorrow Sunday, the 20th of march,2011 will be a revolution for my native home. I know it will be bloodshed, no freedom ever take place without bloodshed.

Oh by the way, I send my cordial condelence to you, Nancy,srgo n the rest of mirlande supporters.

I do not want to send a late condelence card so I do it early because I'll be too excited getting ready to go to micky's inauguration I might forget hope you accept my earlu card wish your candidate well.All this bias will put to rest new Haiti fk ya'll.suspan chache neg sou blog la get real on the Hati's matter.

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