Of course he bullied his way back home. And i can't wait for...

Reggie - March 18 2011, 5:22 PM

Of course he bullied his way back home. And i can't wait for him to be assassinated within weeks for the state he put Haiti into. This man is one of the worst criminals that humanity has ever known.

Too bad, the people of Haiti will never be smart enough to understand that...And as far as him ignoring the Obama's administration request, he will get dealt with for that. If Haiti has any chance of ever becoming a country worth being proud of, it's better of without Aristide being alive, whether in Haiti or any where else. And i used to have lots of respect for King Kino, but for him to continuously support Aristide after every he has witnessed, he's not a real child of that country.

He has a love for the man, not for the country.

After all, we've all been fooled by Aristide's sweet way of talking back in 1990, and that's why we voted for him and got him elected at 67%.

However, i'm proud to say that i am one of the few people who have figured him out since then. Why can't the rest of you?

When will you stop following the devil's child?

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