Tell me one good thing he did, none. He had the money and time...

Garry Destin - March 17 2011, 9:51 PM

Tell me one good thing he did, none.
He had the money and time to build at least some school or shelters.All Aristid did, he turned the poor Haitians into dirt eaters.

Months before the earthquake people were eating red clay with sugar.

Also look at the state of those who are cheering for his return, the look deplorable, dirty and really what they are expected to look like.
So that shows if Aristide was a good person, these cheer leaders would have looked different.

It show how filthy Aristide is.
This is not me hating him but feeling bad for my people.

If they were animals, there would not be any other choice but to destroy them.
At least, put on some shoes, comb your hair, take a shower...look decent, clean and presentable.

These are the faces of Haiti?

So Manigat will reduce them into basic monkeys.

Feed them just enough, keep them illiterate then they'll be be at your feet for ever like cats or dogs.
Please, understand I am not putting my people down but showing you the truth of how our past governments have reduced our people into basic little animals

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