Jynee? Did you take your med? what were you talking about? who...

Mitch - March 17 2011, 9:45 PM


Did you take your med?

what were you talking about?

who educated you into stupidity?

what are your opinions France and USA actions in haiti?

why are you trying to reason?

and to even think?

Were you just trying to be funny?

whatis so sexy about being a tchoulblanc.

what do you depend so much on the blessings of the stupid french and or American.

Why do you treat your fellow haitian according to how they want you to treat him. why do you believe their assessment and their blessings?

please don't hate yourself.

I'll pray for you. I hope you see a light.

In a country so filled with illiteracy why would you go against somebody who has built schools, university and hospital not only when he is in power but when he is also out of power?

you keep on saying the same old story of

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mitch my brother i have to tell u dont waiste your...

Mitch, Aristide thrive on morons like you because you...

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