That is an excellent point you made, Jynee. This thing about i...

Neg Maron - March 17 2011, 4:27 PM

That is an excellent point you made, Jynee.

This thing about i want to come home and teach because my eye is hurting, when Mirlande is calling him to get involve in her Educational Reform, is bogus.

I think the fine point of this whole affair with these guys going back home is a matter of balance of power.

What i mean is this, Aristide is most likely going to align himself with RDNP, CORREH and INITE - most likely.

Michel will have no choice but to clinch to the Nationalist or Duvalierist political machine, if he is not able to capitalize on the Lavalas vote.
Clearly with Aristide behind Mirlande and aligning himself with CORREH and INITE the Lavalas will again have a monopoly on Haitian politics for sometime to come.
But with the Duvalierist USA and France behind Michel they would be put in check.

Michel's movement will not survive without the Duvalierist base. That is the reality of the times.

Whereas, Mirlande has no chance at the presidency unless she locks in with Aristide's base, CORREH and INITE are not good enough for her to spank the vibrant and sharp bad boy Michel.

Balance of Power!
Baby Doc, Titid, Cedras and Francois (or Avril or Namphy) need to be Haiti in other to stop the political power base from shifting too far to the left or the right, when and if Aristide is back on the scene.

So far i believe it all a bluff, but time will tell. But what is not a bluff is that Michel is clearly on his way to become Haiti's next president, unless something drastic happen to his campaign.

Something like CEP or one of Preval horrific tricks to be blamed on Michel's partisans.

I am surprised that Mirlande has not said that Michel raped her, or that they have not found more bodies (taken from the morgue) with Mirlande t-shirst to blame the deaths on Michel's partisans.


Anyway! All four, being Baby Doc, Titid, Cedras and Francois are criminals of horror, and all four are Haitians who can help Haiti to rise. Let us hope so they have seen the light.

When in darkness everyone must search for ight. In thinking of my lovely Haiti, i see nothing but darkness; in minds and in the environment, as well as the way of lif, i am only looking for the light in such a horrific reality.


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