Nancy, do not worry about my English writing ok.You will never...

Richelle - March 16 2011, 9:55 PM

Nancy, do not worry about my English writing ok.You will never be an instructor, certainly not mine's.You are very stupid to think I would spend my time to process my writing skills here in this blog. Talking with bunch of trash stupid like yourself, oh well think again fool.Onething, I do not write creole, but I do understand french perfectly and fluent with it.When I was a kid in Haiti, I did attend one of the good school.But I do not want to write french, u know because I am more comfortable with English.You can write English like this like that as-long you are not in the class-room or write to an important people stupid u don't that.You just know how to fk.But french will take me time to write the good one, not the broken one you write.

since I do not want to write kk like some of you mirlande suppporter doing here.This is why you do not see me write french here in this blog. I do not want to waste time so I write whatever like you write your broken french here.But as far as English Bitch I know English and I can write it.My ass was seated in school for so-long here an America, for me not to know how to write.I'm not like you, who say "I have master degre"while your french writing style even wost than my creole writing style?How come you have master degree your french like kaka?maybe your master its not genuine, because I know Haitians make fake of everything.

Unlike here an America for me everything I earn, I earn them here an America and they are real.You think America would gives stupid a degree hell no.This is Haiti where people pay: to have fake birth certificate, fake high school diploma, fake master like the one you have on in on.This is why somtimes you see some old face like mirlande looking weird seat next to you in high school say they 15 while they left at least three or4 kids in Haiti.I'm not looking for attention here like some of you bouzin doing here. Trying to persuade people in a way they write, they know this n that.Not me I just want to talk about the situation of my native home. Thats all I'm doing here, because I do want to go back home some day.I'm not looking for neg here, therefore I do not care how my writing comes out.As long my fingers hit the keyboard Am all good. However If u really think you know better than I do lets do some kind of formal writing here then you'll see. Financial aid invested in me to much +my scholarship for me not to be stupid like u.I'm confident in myself when its come to education because I do believe in it and I do have it.I do not believe in fe bouzin like you do.This is why I spent all my times in school, to get involve in different field.

I do not might learn from other people but not from you cause you do not know nothing yourself.The only thing you know best is fk, u want to be a teacher u can't.Did you ever heard about a
good writers are rewriters, perhaps you do not know that because you are not spent enough time in school to know nothing about writing process.Your master is fake some of you people comimg here fool other about graduated high school from Haiti having master like u say based on lie. Again why would I have to spend my time, to process my writing skills here Why?

to ma make people excited about my writing style stupid who the fk is you?my boss!my instructor or other important people in my life go to heel Nancy take it like it is bitch.ban bouzin nou met anrage grann nou pap pase yo bali power haiti ap pren dife!

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