I think both Aristide and Preval ap jwe yon politic sal yon ak...

Jynee - March 14 2011, 5:19 PM

I think both Aristide and Preval ap jwe yon politic sal yon ak lot. Preval trying to get him to Haiti to ruin the election by either hoping Aristide would encourage his fanatics to take the street and ruin the election or by Preval paying thugs to disrupt the election and blaming the chaos on Aristide supporters.

Aristide who has been desperate to return to Haiti is taking Preval offer to return because Aristide doesn't know when he will get this golden opportunity to return.

Hopefully Aristide is smart enough to stay of trouble.

If I were him I would behave at least for a little while and not create Chaos the minunte I step off a plane.

I can't imagine Aristide unleashing his supporter to ruin the election for Preval who I'm sure Aristide hold ill-will against for betraying him.

If Aristide is smart, he should build the university like he said, redo his image with the haitian people and rebuild his lavalas party and send someone under the lavalas banner in five years.

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