The real reason Aristide wants to return to haiti BEFORE the election!

Just like you, I kept wondering why former president Jean Bertrand Aristide wants to return to Haiti so bad BEFORE the election... I think I found it...

Read this from an article on CNN...

"According to his lawyer, Aristide IS concerned about the perception created by returning to Haiti JUST DAYS BEFORE the election.

He [Aristide] is more worried, however, about the possibility of NOT being able to go back AT ALL after the vote, if the new administration is not receptive to his return and revokes his visa, Kurzban [his lawyer] said."


Do you think Aristide's reason is justified?

Can a newly elected president SPOIL Aristide's changes of returning to Haiti in the next five years immediately after winning the election and BEFORE he/she is sworn in as president?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Msie pral nan arestasion kan'mem, sa garanti apre eleksion an fini.
Li grate grin'ni tro'p, yo pral mete-li chita yon kote ki

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Richelle says...

KK ka retounin, but the thing is he will not seat his butt some place.

He be all over the place, to play with the stupid haitians and to keep Haiti in a bad situation as always.

Fk him:avek dyol bouriq li ya, langiet manmann, se pou yo fout toye kk chin an, malfecter,zonbi an vacans.Gade le kk, platon tet li krate konsa, dyo li plin

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Zuzu says...

guin le lecole aristide la ap ouve avan election an. fock li al fe lecole.mon cher al douceman ti

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Mitch says...

JOZY! You are 10 times smarter than your post i have traded notes with you before.

I am very sure you know about individual and inalienable rights of every individual.

His return to Haiti should not be about when you would like to go It should be about when he wants to go. I feel the difficulty in your argument it is very twisted because it is hard to make. Why did you evoke love of country in the first place?

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Josy says...

Mr. Aristide, and his lawyer might be telling the truth.

I personally do not trust them, and he should come back on March 21 which is the day after the election.

I understand he loves his country very much, and now is the time to prove it. The International community should stop him by force if he does not cooperate, and South Africa should encourage him to remain there until after the

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Jynee says...

I think both Aristide and Preval ap jwe yon politic sal yon ak lot. Preval trying to get him to Haiti to ruin the election by either hoping Aristide would encourage his fanatics to take the street and ruin the election or by Preval paying thugs to disrupt the election and blaming the chaos on Aristide supporters.

Aristide who has been desperate to return to Haiti is taking Preval offer to return because Aristide doesn't know when he will get this golden opportunity to return.

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Marie Elie says...


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Tizwit says...

I strongly believe Guy Philippe and Chamblain have the appropriate answer for this defrocked priest Jeanrenard bertrand Aristid also known as Soulouque prezidan jepeteklere.Why can't the clown commit suicide so we can leave peacefully, please follow Gerard delorium Jean Juste in his grave.

Leave people

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Nicolas Ronel says...

According to the convention of COSTA RICA, the former haitian president Aristide could come back homeland, but in this particular political situation of Haiti now, I think it's not the moment.

President Aristide needs to understand wisedom is very important for anyone even him. I don't see well nor clear why is he interested in coming back right

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Joseph Sylvestre says...

Pours quoi ses ranquines Aristid est un Haitien il a le doit de retournee dans son pays pour nous

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