It is time for Aristide to forgive and forget and I want him...

Toulimen Legrand - March 11 2011, 8:22 PM

It is time for Aristide to forgive and forget and I want him to tell Maryse to ask his supporters to vote for Martelly if he really wants to return to his native land. I want him to put aside his differences against Micky and join the winning camp with Duvalier and others to rebuild Haiti.

We don't want American International Amnesty to tell us who should stay in Haiti and who should be out of Haiti.

The Haitian Constitution bans exile for all Haitians and it is the task of the Haitian justice to judge any Haitian at fault and not the Americans or others.

If Aristide does not land after the elections, he is a coward person.

We will provide him the security he needs and no one can hurt him. If he does not come back he will have to stay out of Haiti for another decade if a Republican president gets elected in the next U.S. election.

There is an uncertainty about Obama being reelected but time will tell. American elections are very tricky and only the American elections board makers know who will replace Obama.

In the U.S., the election board makers and the electoral college elect president; and we have seen that with both Georges Bush's elections.

I want Aristide to be in Haiti on March 21, 2011 or during the presidential ceremony of Martelly.

He is welcome to be back and the end of his exile.

I wish him a good and a safe trip back to Haiti.

And finally, I will love him to call the winner of this upcoming presidential election to congratulate his or her victory while telling him or her that he will be back in Haiti soon. While in Haiti, he needs to be careful with CIA's agents there.

Good luck Aristide and have a safe trip. You see, I am calling on everyone to help Haiti rebuild and that is my job as being a uniter and not a divider.

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