Ron, you can do better than that. I always read your comment...

Cpt.d - March 7 2011, 1:37 AM

Ron, you can do better than that. I always read your comment attentively, treating you as a gentleman with respect.

Respect is reciprocal, I find this post insulting from the get go. You wrote " You have been quoting the Bible often and held to it for dear life whenever you were drowning on this screen" I'm not drowning anywhere, after wearing our duty gear, rule number one at my command is to wear our PFD (personal floating device, also known as life jacket) before we board the vessel.

We're not allow to go to the deck without our PFD. the Bible is my compass, I use God's word home or far away, overseas in difficult situation.

Don't worry I'm well equip spiritually, mentally and otherwise.

Yes, I have Bible verses for all occasion.

Your remark regarding the CIA doesn't apply to me, somewhat irrelevant for I'm pretty familiar with "PSYOP." CIA modus operendis, Psychological warfare.

Not too long ago you said that you served in the US Air Force Tactical Command and I give you credit for it. Sir, I know what time it is.

You wrote "try not to smear Obama's name with introducing yourself as his next presidential campaign manager" What are you talking about?

I never allude to that, i know my strenght and weakness, and I'm not a democrat either.

As if the erroneous things you wrote is not enough, you add "folies and granduer are healthy, but if they become obsession then you will end up vomiting all over the screen" man, you're gone little bit too far.

I would let a little "faible d'esprit," an educated, stupid person to address me this way, but I won't take that from you Ron. You can do better that that.

I don't see any friendly advice so far in what you write here. There are 2 candidates each with his/her baggage, the question is which one has more stuff.

I'm consistent, my position remains the same I don't support Sweet Micky for he is not suitable to run any country, even Haiti.

any one who puts his/her pasion aside who takes a good look at sweet Micky, anyone who really care for him would suggest rehab.

I invite you to sit down with an open mind, go to google type:
When did sweet micky regain his nationality
sweet micky second wife issue
sweet micky drug

Sometimes our prejudice makes us blind and irrational.

it seems like to many of you its all depend on who says or does what. does anyone remember what happened to Ti Manno ex DP Express singer when he removed his shirt at an event! To hear a grown man, an adult sweet Micky saying" Konie-a Map mache ak Jup nan Miami Beach pie ate, konie-a mwen se Italien, MLe yo mande Ou kote ou Soti, Ou Oblije di Nan Karaib la, Mwen Wont dim se Haitien, yon paket pawol degrin goch.

The question is why do we have to bend over backward, forgive, take a chance, hope that he will change and all that. What don't we vote for the woman who is a better choice.

I 've known michel Martelly for many years.

My people contributed a large sum of money to his campaign.

Self control is extremely important in my line of work.

I wish Michel Martelly well, I like him as a friend, an individual created by God, but my friendship doesn't mean to vote for him as President.

That would be reckless.

again I wish both Michel and Mirlande well

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Mr. Cpt D, Read attentively, just as i read yours...


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