Mr. Cpt D, Read attentively, just as i read yours. Let me be...

Ronald Altieri - March 6 2011, 8:30 AM

Mr. Cpt D,

Read attentively, just as i read yours.

Let me be very brief:
On July 21, 2008 - On the cover of the New Yorker Magazine, Obama and Michelle were protrayed as Muslim terrorist.

In that picture there was a picture of osama bin laden on top of a burning American flag. In that picture, Michelle was protrayed as a loving terrorist with an automatic rifle.

On August 16, 2009 - Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe Arizona said during a sermon that he was praying for the death of President Barack Obama.

He said that he was going to pray to that he dies and goes to hell. The Sermon was titled 'Why I Hate Barack Obama' and was featured on CNN, and was also shown on Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News and other Headline News.
Pastor and God loving Steven Anderson delivered the day after President Obama and his family arrived in Phoenix, Arizona.

In that Sermon, Cpt D, the God loving Pastor Steven Anderson said that he did not hate Obama for his politics, but that he hated the man himself.

He also mentioned what he said was scripture from the Bible that proved God hated Barack Obama too.
He said the Bible says that evil people should melt like a snail, and that is why Obama deserves the death penalty.

This sermon was posted on YouTube but has been removed.

I suppose the powers that be would rather the world see what Micky was up to.
Anderson in his hour long servon calls Obama a Madman and that Obama was one of the rulers of the darkness of this world.

It gets better, Chris Broughton, a 28-year-old Tempe resident and attends Anderson's church showed up at an Obama town hall event in Phoenix with an assault rifle and a pistol.

Broughton says that he was not planning on using the weapons, but was simply exercising his right as a United citizen to bear arms.
Today on this screen I came with my respect for you and love's hope for Haiti, and the need to communicate toward a brighter and better day for all Haitians everywhere.

What is the poing being made:
I will tell you Cpt D., but first listen!
Sir, I am a Haitian-American and proud of my heritage, and is passionate about both historical significance of two great nations: HAITI and USA, and it is in dual patriotic passion that i reserve to tell you the following:
1st - Obama, the son of a Kenyan Muslim, became the First African-American president of these United States (although some say Lincoln was and that others were also of African descendants).

2nd - Be very careful what you believe that the CIA and this and that group are reporting to you and the population, because the whole truth of such matters is not for Cpt D or blow joe or smiley suzie who were conditioned by our system.

Case in point: Osama Bin Laden was a good friend of the US Government.

Saddam Hussein was a friend of the CIA, Duvalier (both father and son), Aristide is a friend of the CIA, Preval is a friend of the CIA and Noriega was a friend of the CIA. In fact, Lesly Francois Manigat was indirectly chosen by the CIA, but directly chosen by Francois Duvalier to write the 'Propaganda Doctrine'for Francois Duvalier.You take it from there.

3rd - Lesly Francois Manigat did say that Haitians are dog vomit; not that dogs return to their vomit, but that Haitians are dog vomit.

Yesterday you did put a Bible spin on it with 2 Peter 2:22, and you and i know what that was all about.

4th - You have been quoting the Bible often, and held to it for dear life whenever you were drowning on this screen.

Right after you get on the shore, you try to grab Michel Martelly's personality and get busy with the Bible to try your best to drown his legitimate and competent candidacy for the Presidency of Haiti.

Many on this site know that is true.
5th - Obama and Michelle forgives Pastor Anderson for wanting God to strike them dead with cancer or for God to to kill Obama lite Kennedy.

For as we know at times we all say things that time has shown us not to be in the Ligh of Love. Lesly Manigat's statement of Haitians are dog vomit is one of those.

Pastor Anderson's statements is also one of those.

Enough on this! As i said, I came to this screen with my respect for you with my love for Haiti, and the need to communicate toward a brighter and better day for all Haitians everywhere.

let us move on to the solo in the choir of your statements.

You said:
President Obama won't jeorpadize his reelection bid in making mistakes in Haiti by returning the Haitian people to "their vomit".

I say:
Try very hard not too smear Obama's name with introducing yourself as his next presidential campaign manager.

Hey! Follies of grandeur are healthy, but if they become an obsession then you will end up vomiting all over this screen.

That is a friendly advice.

I am sure you would give me the same advice, if not better, if i was in your place.

Understand this, the Haitian people will decide whether the wife of President Lesly Mangigat, who said Haitians are dog vomit, will be the next President of Haiti.

Or, whether it will be Micky who pulled down his pants at educated-able-to-do people who have not done a thing for their that is worth mentioning.

Michel and Mirlande are trying to do something for their people, and we must wish them well.

I wish God will bless Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly.

MM or MM will be Haiti's next President, and that is honest to God's Truth.

Let us meditate a bit, thinking and talking without meditation sometimes make us say things with knowledge but without the humility of wisdom.

I implore you to medidate on this.

I know that you and I will have a very nice Sunday, but let us pray for our little sisters ans brothers who are suffering from not have a bit to eat nor a drop to drink and not antibiotics for their infected wounds.

God Bless Haiti!

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