Thank you Mr. Altieri for your kindness. As a member of the...

Cpt.d - March 6 2011, 2:57 AM

Thank you Mr. Altieri for your kindness.

As a member of the USAF family, you know what it is to be on assignment.

Once again you are correct in your well articulated reply.

As human we often do and say things that we later regret.

Its imperative that we keep the peace, even act as moderator for a segment of the international community continues to play the "divide to conquer card."
We both agree that we're not dog vomit, the next step is to act intelligently to prove otherwise.

look, I don't want to dwell on that dog vomit but its very important to be careful not to return to our vomit.

Sadly we're heading that way, let me quickly point out some of the facts; let's begin with the most illogical one, we forced baby doc Duvalier out in 1986 when thousands of people took the street like the Bob Marley song goes "they chased this crazy bold head out of town" guess what he is back! Why, Aristide get elected twice failed to handle himself accordingly got quick out twice, Wycleff went to visist with Guy Phillipe to help venge his ouster of the race by the CEP, the dreaded tonton macoutes are getting organized ready to strike again in due time, nostalgia, nostalgia, Sweet Micky who was in 1993-94 at the center of the group who forced tUSS Harlan County to retreat causing Bill Clinton to retaliated by ordering the "invasion of Haiti", is again at the mix. Among the many of books and articles written on Operation Uphold Democracy, I invite some of you to read Hebert A Friedman's detailed piece entitles US PSYOP in Haiti that contains all the information one wants to know about the actors behind the coup d'etat, Bill Clinton plan of action, whaat he said and did and much more. Serious stuff! Some of the old actors are behind the scene pulling the string in various locations...This election is like no others in Haiti's history, its not about Mirlande et Michel but about the Democrats using their influence to stir big billion reconstruction dollars contracts illegally to their cronies.

A couple months there was a front page article in the Nouvelliste about a former US official who managed to get million dollars contracts illigally, unfairly without bidding to Asbrit, a Florida based construction company doing business in Haiti with Bigio as partner.

The big boys don't give a damn about Haiti or Haitians.

Where does the Sweet Micky phenomena come from?

The Vorbe and co had all the juice through their connection/relationship with Elizabeth Delatour Preval.

Micky was brought in to spill things around, PR firm Ostos & Sola was hired to handle his campaign to twist the Haitian mind set from a dirty micky to a polished Joseph Michel Martelly.

at the mean time some Haitian Americans were using their contact to lobby hard on behalf of Micky.

Among them is a former Haitian diplomat from Washington who advocated first to annuled the election.

Things were going fine for Micky, but unfortunately the plan failed when the CIA began to work on Micky's profile.

While Clinton was trying to return Aristide to Haiti during his 1st coup, ultra conservative North Carolina Jesse Helm, a leading opponent to aristide brought CIA analyst Brian Latell to Capitol Hill in October to concise selected Senators and Representatives on allegations that arisitde had been treated for mental illness.

Jesse Helms was using the CIA to slag Aristide in the media and intelligence service in Haiti set up by the to the cocaine trade that had evolved into a gang of political terrorists and drug traffickers.

The US just released a report on the drug trade in Haiti, according to some of our guys the timing is not helping my friend who is allegegly very closed with FRAPH members and other key figures in the cocaine trade.

Many Haitians don't realized that the White House has its position and the Pentagon its own. The same is true for the most powerful couple involved in the Haiti's dossier.

Husband and wife Bill and Hillary Clinto aren't uniform on Micky.

An inexperienced lackey closed to the State Dpt. has been openly lobbying for Micky portraying him as a very flexible person who will deliver the merchandise.

Suddenly things begin to pup up in their face, a few things leaked out, the PR firm suggested a press conference at Le Plaza hotel where Micky used the line " I'm clean" The analysts discovered a number of things that hurt the candidate.

The "agency" psychologist and psychiatrist experts after looking at all the tapes can't believe the subject is on camera incriminating himself.

The recent statement in Fort Liberte by candidate Martelly killed the cat.
All the excitement is slowly dying out, a recent internal memo showed that some in the IC and in Washington say the candidate is not suitable.

From time to time the actor gets out of the script.

President Obama won't jeorpadize his reelection bid in making mistakes in Haiti by returning the Haitian people to "their vomit"
I pay attention to relevant posts by Mr Altiery and a few intelligent fellow internautes and I won't waste my precious time responding to childish posts.

Many innocent, naive, good young people who have been fooled by the hip created by Ostos & Sola to attract them don't realized that their future is at risk with an unstable Sweet Micky.

Have a great Sunday.

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