What about respect for others! Liar and magrouilleur or...

Cpt.d - March 4 2011, 5:25 PM

What about respect for others! Liar and magrouilleur or anything in that line would be more or less acceptable, but there's no room here for "F" word. Looking at ther posts one will notice that most Sweet Micky foans can't engage in an intelligent and civilized discussion.

How sad. Though its not easy, After living a turbulent life, using derogative language, stripping in public, smoking crack, participating in death squad with FRAPH, local terrorist group and all the disgusting things Sweet Micky is trying very hard to speak without using profanity.

Pls make an effort to defend your leader in a more dignified manner.

Such post lives a bad taste in people's mouth.

Could one imagine the leader and a bunch of "young people" like you leading acountry! Micky, Cleff and ...

recipe for disaster.

Sispan'n joure, gin moune serie kap li ou Mo sal pap enkouraje moune vote pou Micky, sipote li yo dwe fe jefo pou pale san betize, ni di mo sal.
If you continue cursing disrespecting people on the screen people will stay away from here. Take good care of yourself, relax and have a nice weekend.

Peace & love

Response to:

you fucking full of shiit liar magouilleur menteur


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Magouilleur, Menteur. Cepete cepaven.

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