She is wearing a pink blouse. Very smart. She gathered 200,000...

Clement - February 28 2011, 7:03 PM

She is wearing a pink blouse.

Very smart.

She gathered 200,000 people while going to the cities of St. Suzanne Nord'Est, Trou du Nord, Ferrier, Fort Liberte and Ouanaminthe.

It is very surprising that she visited all those cities and only gathered 200,000, it could have been 500,000 easily and there was more than her pink shirt to attract the crowd.

She said something about immorality, she is surley moral by some standards but her agenda with the people has been immoral by all accounts.

We all know it that is true.

What has she done with or for the people that can be said to be moral in light of their suffering from her days as Mrs Manigat.

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