We often hear "It takes one to know one" but this time it...

Cpt.d - February 24 2011, 8:44 AM

We often hear "It takes one to know one" but this time it doesn't apply.

This comment resembles a foolish, trouble young girl who lost her virginity, 8th grade drop out who's looking at one of her classmate graduating from a prestigious medical or law school while she is struggling at the welfare line. Do you think that a successful intelligent lady would lower herself into name calling?

By analyzing these postings you'll will ealize that only a hand full of Micky's fans can engage in an inteeligent discussion without yelling & cursing.

Is it like father like son, like leader like followers.

So far I haven't seen anyone engaging in name calling to Martelly.

Sweet Micky told the world that he uses to do a $1000 crack a day, yet noone in this forum call Micky a "Crack Head" he stripped publicly, expressed mosexuality feeling, lusting for men, his desire to have sex with King Kino, yet no one in this forum calls Micky "Massi, Gay, or p

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