changes for Haiti

Jb - February 5 2011, 2:28 PM

aristide should not be allowed back in the country.

i was just a little girl when jean claude was the president in haiti, therefore i don't know too much about him, but one thing i do know is that when he was the president the country was not in the shape that it is now. there has been many kidnapping, people are very afraid to go to their homeland because they are afraid they will be kidnapped and killed.

can you imagine living a life of fear in Haiti?

i have a sister that was kidnapped over a year ago, my husband and i paid a ransome and they let her go. i know that was the grace of God.
i know each president did their share of bad things in haiti, but jean claude was not the worse president we had.

the country started going down the drain right after he left haiti.

i love haiti, i want to see changes in haiti

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