Aristide, Cedras, Biambie, and all the other Haitians exiled...

Tiba - January 28 2011, 5:37 AM

Aristide, Cedras, Biambie, and all the other Haitians exiled must return to their country/homeland, Haiti, with without a passport.

I do not understand why Aristide needs to have a renewed passport to come back to his country?

Why should he granted permission to enter his native natal country?

If he was naturalized South-African in secret then I would understand that he would need a passport or if wanted to travel the world.

This is a ONE WAY and final trip back to his country.

Isn't it time that Haiti move to the modern society level in this 21st century by becoming an "OPENED" society?

Haiti will be doomed to progress forever by maintaining the exclusiveness system, a society where nobody is welcomed not even its own citizens.

This is the sadess and the most premitive society in this 21st century.

Jesus Christ people, for the sake of civilization and progress, let us become a modernized society, an opened, and integrated society where everyone is welcomed.

Stop living in fear and paranoia that everyone is after to steal Haiti from us.

WE all must understand that the United States has never been in favor of Haiti and never will be. The US will always encourage and support of exclusionism in Haiti so Haiti will never amount to anything.

It is us to decide!

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