Last time I checked there was a school/college/university...

Tiba - January 28 2011, 5:54 AM

Last time I checked there was a school/college/university where people go to learn how to be president.

Being president or an elected public official has always been an "On the job training", no more no less.

I think the time is come finally for Haiti to start electing young minds for its leaders.

And I do believe Sweet Micky will make a good progressive president.

Sweet Micky is not uneducated just because he doesn't have a Ph.D like Mirelande Manigat.

The time of a bunch senior citizens in government must be a thing of the pass. Mirelande Manigat may have a Ph.D but she is 70 years old and there is a big chance she may not complete her 5-year term in office, which would put the country in another crisis.

I'm wondering if she even knows what's going on around her right now.

Beside she and her husband were living in the National Palace before and did not accomplish anything for the country.

Be wise people! don't vote someone in office just because that person holds a Ph.D.

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yes michel marthely will run this Haiti very good.

YES, Michel Martelly will be a very good elected...

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