Tiba, I already had a go around with you, and i am not one to...

Ronald Altieri - January 28 2011, 7:17 AM


I already had a go around with you, and i am not one to enjoy two of those when it seems that there is no progress being made.

You see! Everyone of us need a mental mirror to look at some of what we write - not for structure and grammar (for a lot of us are rushing in-between what we have to do to communicate via this medium, and a little this and little that can give to the idea intended to be communicated), but because we need to see what our minds is thinking about.

In my case when someone points out something that is not the best of my thoughts i tend to appreciate it with gratitude and not attitue, because it helps fot focus and see better where i need to go with my thoughts in the future.

Moving along!

Tiba you wrote:

"Haiti will be doomed to progress forever by maintaining the exclusiveness system, a society where nobody is welcomed not even its own citizens."

Tell us exactly how exclusive our system is. Understand this:

"We are a society that welcomes everyone; the physically and mentally sick included; we do not have a medical test nor a criminal background check for those who are entering Haiti, and that is the reason why some people go there who are infected with the worst of diseases being mental or physical.

Do you know that we even welcome a lot folks that are in Haiti to buy body parts - exclusively baby and children vital organs?

Yes! I understand that we have people in our society that will do anything for the US Dollar, and then talk about 'Amerikin'en' se dis and dat.

Let's stay there for a second - What do you mean about nobody is welcomed in Haiti not even its citizens?

Think about that one. Now, just because some our sick brothers are acting without thought for the country - in the ways of attacking visitors around the airport and so on, does not mean that you and i will not try to do any thinking to help their weak and chien manje chien minds.

To get right into it, know that if Aristide wants to go Haiti, he will get there.

He does not have to ask the South African or the USA or the Haitian governments permission.

If you are asking permission, it does not only mean that you are not free to go, but that you are also not devoted as an ex-Presdent.

"IF IT MUST COME DOWN TO IT, LET HIM GO THE AIRPORT AND SEAT THERE WITH HIS FAMILY UNTIL THE WORLD COME TO HIS AID AND ABLE TO GET ON A PLANE." He will get so much publicity, and Haiti can have a mardi-gras procession from the airport to his house.

All jokes aside, all who decide to become people-servants must place the people first and not their this and that. Aristide must show some devotion; show some passionate love towards his political calling and goal; he must show the world what sacrifices he is willing to make to exercise the right as an ex-head of state to travel back to his native land, and stop asking the teacher for permission for recreation - just walk out of the class, mete granmoun sou'ou Aristide and do not worry about arrestation.

Can you see?

You also said: "This is the sadess and the most premitive society in this 21st century."

Buddy, i realize you you are hurting for our Darling Haiti, but that it is is the most primitive society in the world - i will leave that alone.

But i will say this, for all the problems that my Haitian Sisters and Brothers are experiencing i am proud that, 1) we have not created any weapons of mass destruction 2) we do not pollute the earth or the atmosphers with toxins that threaten the balance of the ecosystem.

Yes! We have some serious sad issues to find solutions to, and with minds like yours it will be harder to find the right formula to those issues.

Tiba, i like to applaud your statement of:

"Jesus Christ people, for the sake of civilization and progress, let us become a modernized society, an opened, and integrated society where everyone is welcomed."

I also like to bow to your grand thought of:

It is us to decide!


What is in your mind?

Always In Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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Aristide, Cedras, Biambie, and all the other Haitians...

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