What is the urge for Aristide's return. Doesn't he know we...

Max Mills - January 27 2011, 7:42 PM

What is the urge for Aristide's return.

Doesn't he know we Haitians can move on to our business without him .Why does he searching sympathy from others around the globe to convince us, to sympathize with him. He needs to return because of his eyes, non sense thinking, Haiti is not the only tropical country in the world for him to be cured.

He is trying to use strategy on us to feel pity for him then later we will say " let him come back" .There are many other places in Africa where he can live if he doesn't to stay in South Africa.

Aristide takes Haitian for fools that is why he is sending others to plead for him. We all can do without him. If he wants to participate let him write his visions in black and white then they can reach us.

But we do not need him here. I am not saying that the government must deny him the entry, but for a man who used to be the head of state to reach to a point he has to bent so low by telling a childish lie as such, that so low to me he lost all the credibilities before my eyes, then secondly by asking others to plead for him.Can you trust this man?

Just imagine when you are going to punish a little a boy for being naughty and that child began to cry then you ask the boy whats wrong with you, he answered that his left eye hurting him, ask again, what would you do with him?

beat him or send him to bed.

Bet, you will send him to bed, afterwards he will say to himself he got you there.

That is Aristide crying for his return.

Haitians do not forget easily .After all his sacrifices of the young babies and young virgins.

These leaders do not know why Haitians refuse Aristide' return .They do not Know Aristide's stories here in Haiti.

If I were him I would stay in Africa for the next 5 decades.

( se mwen ki di'l )

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