Micky is not a politician but he will get everyone on board to...

Toulimen - January 27 2011, 7:37 PM

Micky is not a politician but he will get everyone on board to do what is good for the country.

Where many politicians fail Micky will succeed.

It is time to put dirty politics aside to boost Micky to the presidency.

He will tell us the truth and with a competent team he will lead Haiti for the better.

50% percent of the Haitians are young and they will all vote for Micky.

We do not need a Grandma to tell us what to do. If Grandma were good she could have articulated her economic plan well. She has no plan and she wants to be Mme President at any price.

I know Grandma is qualified but she did not prove to us her qualifications and it is too late. We will still remain in the same chaotic situation if we vote for her. Micky represents the change and the soul of the younger generations.

We want him to lead over us and he will promote the change that we need. Whether he was a closed associate of Jean-Claude, he does not matter now. Robert Fatton, himself is a member of the Haitian Bourgeoisie and he has supported Duvalier too. I said it over and over that Duvalier was too young to lead Haiti; and therefore, he cannot be held accountable for a gerontocratic government that he lead for 15 years.

If they want to judge, they should judge Antonio Kebreau, Luc Desir, Albert Pierre, Mme Max Aldophe, Jean-Claude Paul, Claude Raymond, Roger Lafontant, Jean-Marie Chanoine, Theodore Achilles, Frantz Merceron, Bennett Sr, Zachary Delva, Elois Minthe, and Emmanuel D. Clerssaint to name a few. If they could not judge all those executive administrators and why should they judge him. Jean-Claude never killed nobody with his hands and he never ordered the killing of anyone, but his administrators were killing innocent people to keep his regime alive.

Jean-Claude is innocent and the true thieves are still working in the Cour Superieure Des Comptes (Government Accountability Office) and they are still diverting Haitian funds.

We need a Perestroika i.e a Restructuration for Haiti and that is what Micky represents.

He will be the New Obama for Haiti.

Nou ak ou Micky e nap vote ou tet kale! Pale a se pou ou yo met sote vole e pompe...

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