Tiba, I agree with you all the way that politically exiled...

Marjorie Middy - January 23 2011, 9:08 PM

Tiba, I agree with you all the way that politically exiled Haitians should return to Haiti with no questions asked.

But past Heads of State should definitely be questioned.

So far Jean Claude has been flip-flapping it. He needs to have town meetings with the people to answer all of their questions.

All those meetings should be put in writing signed by their authors.

In turn the people should give them guidelines on what they will accept and what they will not tolerate from them.Ex-high-ranked-elected officials should come home but their should be conditions and if those conditions are not met, then ramifications should be spelled out for them in no uncertain term. After all, they are not just private citizens, they are ex-leaders of Haiti who have done considerable harm to Haiti and Haitians.

We just can't let it go all Willy-Nelly, like everything is OK. There is a whole array of generations who are ruined because of these ex-leaders direct misdeeds.

I am not saying that they should be hanged, but they should come up with convincing arguments as to why they are back, what they intend to do. They also have to express remorse to the families of those people who have suffered so much through the loss of loved ones. They have to promise in writing that they will not directly or indirectly cause bodily harm to any of Haiti's citizens.

If they don't follow the guidelines, they they should suffer the consequences, which should be s p e l l e d o u t for them. If we don't give them boundaries, we heading for straight and complete destruction.

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