They cannot be "Born-Again" politicians, and they are addicted...

Josy - January 23 2011, 2:05 PM

They cannot be "Born-Again" politicians, and they are addicted to the power.

I will doubt any convert politician, and would wonder what the real motives are in this sudden change of heart.

What is the epiphany is really about?

You cannot have ulterior motives if you really want to switch side, and must come clean.

I am not JESUS CHRIST, and am a mere human.

I have issues with forgiveness, and never forget the wrongs done to me or my family members.

We are victims of Haiti's politicians, and my elderly parents were forced to live in the cold weather in their old age. I eventually moved them to Florida, but they wanted to remain in Haiti and be buried there.

My dad died penniless, and had a gun put to his head. He was forced to withdraw his entire life savings, and give it to WESNER APPOLLON.

I am also a victim, and did not have to come to the USA. My children are victims, and started to attend good schools in Haiti.

I had to bring them back to the US, and wanted them to finish "philo" there.

WESNER APPOLLON' children are living very comfortably in Queens New York, and am here struggling constantly to keep my head above water.

I have no respect for them, and they should be hang in public.

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