The politician as anyone else is human a prone to commit sins...

David Grant - January 23 2011, 2:26 PM

The politician as anyone else is human a prone to commit sins. No sin is of a greater or lesser importance than the other_sin in the sight of God is sin.
A politician, just like anyone else, in accordance to his conscience, may repent his sins. This process must begin to evolve from the innermost threshold of the individual, and then, be reflected in the uttermost.

He has to confess his sins publicly and; by so doing, may regain the trust of the people he had offended.

The public must be therefore, willing to forgive by putting aside their political wrangling, and rise to the spiritual high; to encompass God in the excercise and, to acknowledge his dictates_ belief in God, is a willingness to forgive.

However, I must return to the true essence of your article.

An analysis of the gist of your article it is unmistakably an allusion that this repentance is a gateway for past; rejected politicians who claims to be born again to get safe passage at re-election.

As you put it:"getting back their old job"
Nevertheless, Ha

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