Pratricia, Remember the day and the hour your read this...

Patrick - January 21 2011, 9:17 AM


Remember the day and the hour your read this comment: "Jude Celestin will not be the President of Haiti.

In fact if he was going to the second round, then it would be officially announced already.

All this political maneuvering is not to figure out what they will do, because they already know what must be done, but it is to figure how they are going to do it plus who will help. This period that they are having to think through the process is about saving face, but not of changing the inevitable.

In political terms, you can not turn off a fire with gasoline not even in unpredictable Haiti.

But what you can do is to have Jean-Claude there, just in case the bad boys are not getting the message delivered by the OAS, France, Canada and the United States.

Now, it does not matter what we think of the OAS; the fact is that their recommendation can not be sneezed upon. Believe it or not!

It is clear that the CEP has the last word, but they were already told what to base their last words on, as they recommended.

The OAS is not telling them what to do, but the OAS is following the request of Preval and the CEP.

You should know that the OAS did not find it necessary to count every vote, because they had found enough evidence to recommend what they recommended in their verification.

OK, it may possible that i am urinating on the wrong tree. Let us wait and see if they will come out and say that Jude Celestin is going to the second round.

If they do i will be the first one to contact you and tell you to get ready for the unbelievable.

I have been in the US, and i am by the beach in Haiti looking at mountains.

The water is so lovely i was able to see my toes 4 feet below.

I hope all Haitians can come and enjoy the loveliness.

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Preval is doing all that to keep everyone attention...

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