haiti it's time for change!!

Luna - January 18 2011, 5:01 PM

Im not happy because they arrested john claude duvalier.

his father did nothing rong to the contry.

when john claude duvalier and his dad was president of haiti the country had a funn saqurity in haiti.

the people was not in hunger everybody makes mistakes.

all the other president that passed in haiti alot of people died by their hands .john claude duvalier spend 25 years in exhall .an earthquake passed in haiti .the country got distroyed .in this moment is not a time for revenge.

it is a time to rebuild our country
even the past president aristide and all the haITIAN who was exhalled they were sapose to come back to haiti and have a meeting.

john claude duvalier is going to have his group and aristide is going to hae his group to talk to the haitian eople on the radio.

tis time to put all the differances asside and rebouldout country together allot of people died durring the flood in gronaieve flood the americans gave alot of money to haiti and preval dident give the people nuthin .every president after baby doc left haiti there was no change in haiti.

every other president just piyt the money in there pockets the left the country to starve.

ciment if haiti, suger company mare come cofe, every factory that helped the country they all closed forever .we have one year since the earthquake passes in haiti.

nuthing, changed!!!! president obama, president clintion, and president bush they worked hard for haiti but they dont see no one who iz qulified for the jod for the country.

they cant trust anyone with the money because they are theavs befor baby doc left the country he said he will leave a light cigar with both sides and what was true because every since heleft there was no change the country was sapose to become better but unforcinatly it became worst .dont give baby doc problem because haiti is his country all the people who aressted him are rong.

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