I said aristide has a right to be in haiti as he is haitian...

Emmanuel Louis - January 17 2011, 5:13 PM

I said aristide has a right to be in haiti as he is haitian citizen allowed to said by his people what different he can make. haitian people believe in aristide as a fair president as he was, but majority politiction to corrupt don't like his philosophy for the country especial france and america and domincan they have the same additude against the haitian people.

Suddenly baby doc coming back to haiti and calls all his goons and let him know he's coming to haitian.

Which its completely fair for aristide to be in haiti.

P.s Not for preval.

he should get arrested for being a trader agianst the haitian peole.

he know he's corrupt .And has know side to stand on. So he have to work his way out without going to jail or exile.

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