Aristide cant go back to Haiti! why aristide he is a ware...

Richelle - January 18 2011, 10:58 AM

Aristide cant go back to Haiti! why aristide he is a ware criminal.Jean claude is nothing like aristide, give one exampple for aristide as president.But for jean claude, Haiti was clean at all time. Especially the Capital, there was no kidnaping.

there was food and the list goes on & on. Aristide is a liar. master mind, voo doo, Jean claude is a clean individual only mistake he made was not stop the brutality from makout towards the haitian people.But He was very young that is all mistake he made. I believe he had no idea about those killing that was taking place when he was president, we all know how haitian system works, but for aristide he knew every single killing that take place because he was the one whom sent his bondit to do it for him.

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I said aristide has a right to be in haiti as he is...

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