Theses call political game bon jan jwet politik Of course...

Maleine - January 17 2011, 10:37 AM

Theses call political game [bon jan jwet politik]
Of course they know he was about to come france the us and the haitian gorverment...

No one will say anything until he start coming with political views and recommandations.

Once again it is politics I think this Time is one of haiti crucial time once again in history...

Paske pinsonn pa kompran jwet sa la menm he said he's back to help his country well good for him what will happen later wont be suprising at all..

If he became president after 5 years from now I will not be suprise at all at least he went to university and maybe he knows how to lead the country under maybe as non-dictatorship.

Bagay tonton makout sa pat bon

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