Thank you for the question of: "Is Jean Claude Duvalier's...

Ronald Altieri - January 17 2011, 10:38 AM

Thank you for the question of: "Is Jean Claude Duvalier's relationship with the Haitian media is starting on the wrong foot?"

With all due respect! What relationship with the media are we referring to?

Does he have a relationship with the Haitian Media?

Who was the Police Official in charge of this controlled access detail; of the triage of journalists and what were his orders - who gave him those orders?

Was it Jean-Claude who gave him those orders?.

Did Jean-Claude tell the Haitian Police not to let Haitian Reporters in?

Did anyone make any attempt to contact the Public Relations manager of Jean-Claude, in order to find out why certain media members were not given access to this huge political internationl event?

In this frame of mind that is necessary for Haiti (not me or you, but Haiti), partisan and fanatical politics is being flushed for a non-bias approach with an impartial philosophy.

Meaning, let us ask ourselves some real questions:

Was the Haitian Media given access to the Dominican Immigration and Military Officials who decided to forcefully deport our Haitian Sisters and Brothers who were peacefully and humbly surviving in their territory?

Has any journalist being told by a Haitian Government Official why dominican males and females who are infected with AIDS, Syphillis and etcetera are able to cross our border and find 'Legal Documents' to protect them while they are making a lot of money with the Haitian males and females?

Has the Haitian media been humiliated when they were not given an official explanation why several Haitian citizens died of Gunfire Fire from a Dominican Army helicopter above the Haitian National Palace when the President of the Dominican Republic - Leonel Fernandez visitied Preval (1995 or 1998 - if any one is certain of the year, please clear it up for)?

Has the Haitian Media been humiliated when they were not given access to Preval's visits of the Dominican Republic after the earthquake, and after the Nov 28 vote?

Let us ask the tough questions to build our youth's character, and not take the easy route to comfort the mind of the soft minded one, that does not do a thing for the minds of our youth.

This was written with great respect to this window and bridge, which allows so many of us to see each other and communicate our thoughts; please, receive it with the same.

Some things are better said than not be said.

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