Dada, I greet you in peace, and thank for your calm and level...

Ronald Altieri - January 16 2011, 7:58 AM


I greet you in peace, and thank for your calm and level headed comments.

You are a strong reminder of what we are attempting to do here - on this screen; an endeavor that can not simply be measured by the thoughts that is displayed here.

The big picture and the hope is that the younger Haitian generation and the ones to come after will not have to be affected by same the mental diseases or poison, if you prefer, that we somehow were infected with in our conditioning.

What is he talking about, you might say?

Well! We will not ever to cover it all, but we can certainly look at the root of it.

Dada, our people feel inferior (Example: buying blond dolls for our children), they think inferior (Example: Apre Bon Dieu se blanc, which translates to 'After God it is the whites), they act inferior (Example: They are a bunck of wild monkeys), they believe that Haitians/their sisters and brothers are no good (Example: They act cold towards their family but love the starnger/neighbor or Dominicans), they believe that Haiti is cursed by God (Example: Yap pwofite fait tintin, because it is all for nothing), they believe that Haiti will never go anywhere (Example: Everyone wants to leave), they believe that it is easier to tell others that they are not Haitians (Examples: I am from Martinique or I am Jamaican or etcetera ...

I can on and on, but you get the picture.

Now Wyclef started a visual movement by embracing our flag in public and bringing the spot light to our plight - somewhat.

No! I did not write that sentecne only for you to think of Wyclef, but only to bring his contribution to restoring some level of pride in our culture.

Dada, what we are trying to do, here and everywhere, is to start a 'Spiritual Revolution', which deals with a person traveling inside his mind and taking out that which has implanted, in his or hers, that has not served anyone of us Haitians anygood, and give a mental birth to a renewed personality with a sense of belonging.

Haitians are unique in this mirale we refer as the universe, and we are trying to send the necesary vibes through this screen and by our way of living to take Haiti through a 'Spiritual Revolution'.

Our 'Military Revolution' which led to our 'Physical Independence' in 1804, must now be complimented with a 'Spiritual Revolution' to release our minds from bondage.

Just because your body is free, if your mind is locked up then you are a mental slave.

Let us free our minds with a 'Spiritual Revoution'.

Meditate on this!

All that you have been reading is as a result of trying to communicate our need to 'CHANGE OUR STATE OF MIND'; our need to not only see with our eyes - which is only sight, but our need to see with our mind - which is insight.

Yes! We saw the need to remove the shackles from our feet and hand, but now it is time to remove the invisible mind-conditioning locks by which we Haitians, a proud and contributing nation to the development of the world, are not able to see our 'Spiritual Power'.

Dada, we are not terrorists.

we do not create Weapons of Mass Destruction, we do no attack other countries, Diseases come to us, we open our country to everyone (sick and non-sick), we laugh and play with everyone, we play everystyly on muscic, we have helped to liberate many nations and many have enriched themselves through...


Me and Tiba and the others are communicating so that, we can somehow lock minds and unlock the potential of the future generation that is right suffering from the above mentioned.

We are devoted to seeing a better Haiti; first within ourselves and second making it a reality.

Simply not only because reality starts with a thought in the mind followed by words to become actions or reality, but we have been allowing others to see for us Haitians, and now the time has come for us to see for ourselves.

If we go inside of our minds and remove the dirt and the non-sense that we are programmed with, we then can see the beauty and sense that will allow us to steer ourselves and the new generation in a better direction.

The old ways have not done a thing for us - we need a new start; we need a new begining today - right now!

Tha new begining must start with our mindset; it must start in our spirit; it must start in the ways we see ourselves.

Some people say that we are in the predicament that we are in because voodoo is doodoo, but i say we are in the situation that we are in because of the way we think and act with each other.

Some say it is because of the US Policies; the French Policies; The Dominican Policies and the this and the that - that we in the reality that we are, but i say that it is because we have not cleansed our minds.

Others say, it is because of Duvalier; it is because of Aristide; it is because of Preval, but i say it is because we are not taking responsibility for what we do and how we do it.

For example: If we are not praying and holding hands with each other - that is our fault and not anyone else's.

Dada, ff Port-Au-Prince is not clean - that is not the fault of OAS, MINUSTAH or this and that, but it is our lack of responsibility based in our lack of insight to realize that we can come together and clean Port-Au-Prince with our barehands and feet....

Today, right now you can start breathing and feel yourself harmonizing with the Love Powers of the Universe, and be on your way to cleaning the dirt from your mind and start feeling your 'Spiritual Power'.

Reality starts with a thought from the mind followed by words to become actions.

Let us create the reality we want and can see in our minds.

Moreover, violence is arrogance planted in ignorance; whereas, tolerance is rooted in mental substance.

Do not hurt and destroy your soul by way of violent thoughts and actions.

I am certain that Tiba and the others will not have any reservations about me thanking your for all of us.

Thank you for catching the vibe and inspiring this message.

There is a reason why we met on this screen and only you know it.

I will not go over this text for mistakes of grammar nor for clarification.

But please find it in your mind and heart to clear up for me whatever may be found to be blurry.

Thank you and God Bless.

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