Rene Preval Blog Manager Is A Dummy Person

Toulimen - January 15 2011, 8:26 AM

As a blog manager, you should be neutral in a political discourse and you suppose to play a role of uniter to diffuse political tensions among the bloggers and reconcile them if necessary.

You are a shameful person for this blog and you do not have excellent skills to manage this blog on behalf of the Haitian people and shame on you bandit! Bloggers cannot write stuffs to please you and your class interests anymore.

If Haitians are calling for Duvalier and Aristide to return it is because that the Haitian society fails to answer all Haiti's questions.

Shame on you! What you do is this you block the IP of the blogger and after that you use his or her old postings to answer them your way. Shame on you and we should shut this blog down. I am working on an embedded file to shut down your blog very soon and you will see the power that I hold to do that. Shame on you!

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