Tiba, When you kiss one your sisters, try not to bite her (leu...

Ronald Altieri - January 10 2011, 8:59 AM


When you kiss one your sisters, try not to bite her (leu ou fai ti ba pou yon soeur'ou - ou pa besoin morde'l).

I know it can be frustrating to have to explain certain things to those who do not have the same mental training in order to help arrive at the desired destination; such as life! (C'est la vie!).

Quickly! If a person only undertands that 1+1=2, and you politely try to explain that 1/8+7/8=8/8 that is also equal to 1, because 8/8 =1 and that 1/2+1 1/2=2 they will appreciate it. But if your effort, however eloquent, is rooted in making them appear inferior (because the are not privileged to the same information) they may hate it by starting thinkg themselves as inferior.

I beg your pardon, but as you turn on the light of your flashlight for another to see a bit more clearer the path they are trying to take, try not to hit them over the head with it.

Sister Micheline, is obviously on a dark road, as a result of destiny or her conditioning, and your flaslight of common sense makes sense, but if you hit her over the head with it she will become preoccupy with the hurt and not particularly the light.

by which, there will be a lack of concentration towards the destination; the destination we are all trying to get to by way of communication.

Micheline, was kind enough to join our conversation and stated her position.

Obviously, she was looking somewhere dark, there was no light, and her insight was out of focus.

I am certain that she appreciates meeting you on this screen to light her path a bit.

If you think about it, you will see that we are all being inspired by one another - on this screen.

We are trying to lock minds, and help each other to see a little clearer.

I could say a bit more, but suffice i hope it should be to say that, when we are spoon feeding someone - it is always better to politely and carefully help the spoon to make their way to their mouth.

We can not shove it, because if we do the food becomes almost irrelevant; whereas, the displeasure of being treated in that manner becomes relevant.

We all have certain inward based realities that is rooted in some obscurity and/or absurdity, and when find someone to shed a bit more light on it we should receive it in gratitude.

In that frame of mind Tiba, we also in shedding some light on a subject matter, for another who may not be privileged with the particulars of the subject, as to having the mental capability to form a logical conclusion, should be best done in gratitude without attitude.

Each one teach one; each of us should learn from the other one, because none of us knows it all or will ever know it all.

This was thought of, written and sent with good faith and intention.

Please, receive it in the same.

God bless us all!

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