Micheline I think you need to check yourself into a rehab...

Tiba - January 10 2011, 6:02 AM


I think you need to check yourself into a rehab center because you seem to be struggling with some kind of addiction that is killing your brain cells.

I think you need to stop watching so much daytime television and get off the couch to go register with the community college of your city/town.

You need to go to school to learn US Foreign Policy 101, I doubt you'd understand any of it but it worth trying.

There, you'd learn that Haiti's poverty/misery, etc. etc...

is in most part due to decades of ambargoes and economic sanctions imposed against the country by US, UN, and the international community.

In case you don't understand the meaning of ambargo and economic sanction, it means that Haiti has been bared from doing trade/commerce with the rest of the world.

Haiti has been in isolation and has been alienated from the world community.

Futhermore, in 1992, US had collapsed/destroyed the entire Haiti's economy in just one month using a US naval baricade.

As you said and it's true all other countries are doing well, but those countries have never experienced ambargoes and economic sanctions.

The neighboring country, Dominican Republic, is doing extremely well because it has never been under any ambargoes and economic sanctions from US. UN, and the rest of the international community.

I don't expect you to understand any of this because I know it's way over comprehension of your brain capacity.

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