Brotherman! In this infinite space we call the Universe; in...

Ronald Altieri - January 9 2011, 4:33 AM


In this infinite space we call the Universe; in this wonderful vehicle we call Mother Earth, we are here. 207 years or 2070 years will be just a start of our journey - irrespective of the storms we may walk into - we are Haitians.

Enjoy your heartbeat as the drum solo of our ancestors, and breathe in the heavenly hymns of those who have sacrificed so much for you and i to be here. I have no doubt that no matter what your circumstances are you will feel that the light of joy that is inside of you can not be extinguished by any hard times or political storms.

Allow me to say: "Do not allow any situation to position you in sadness, which is a place our minds should only visit for a brief moment but never dwell in.

Hold on to my hand, and lock mind with me and feel the joy that is there for all of us, no matter what. We are Haitians!

Kimbe la!

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