Merci Magareth for your time and effort to make sure that we...

Ronald Altieri - January 9 2011, 4:06 AM

Merci Magareth for your time and effort to make sure that we have this blog to look at, and place certain things in perspective.

Thankful i am also for the other wonderful thought provoking ideas from the other ladies (you know who you are).

It is clear that in our male dominated culture the voices of the women has not been given its due attention, and we all know that we are the product of our women.

In this frame of mind, one can easily see that the good in us can also come from our women, without whom not of us would be here. Yes! Not even Jesus could have been with us without the miracle of the woman (Easy! This is just a metaphor, not too be confused with blasphemy.)

Permet moin di: "Continue bay cervo'yo tete, pase san lait'ou yo ka bien paka pense." Avek respe!

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