Garry, i believe it was our destiny to meet on this screen...

Ronald Altieri - December 26 2010, 8:59 PM

Garry, i believe it was our destiny to meet on this screen, and let us not scream without meditation on our thoughts.

Most of all, let us embrace humility as a way to our unity.

In that unity, allow me to say - with all due respect to the points you are trying to make - that:

Christianity is not bad, but Christians are.
Judaism is not bad, but Jews are.
Islam is not bad, but Muslims are.

Well! I am sure you get the point, which is that Religion in itself is not bad, but that religious are the ones who do bad within a religion.

Now, there can a representative argument with that assertion, but we are not going there.

You get it!

Remember this, 'Evil' and 'Good' is in all of us, but we all have to make a decision - with maturity - as to which will dominate our existence.

Now it is true that even with a transfusion a poisonous serpent can not be made non-poisonous, because the venom is in its DNA; in its very soul.

It has not been recorded - in history of psychoanalysiz - that a man or woman had purposely blind him or herself.

Simply, because the need to see is a craving in the soul. The point being made is that there is a calling within all to be able to see through confusion.

You will also never see a dog - even a crazy one - defecate in the plate that it eats from. Simply, because there is a driven need to respect the vessel by which it nourishes itself to survive.

Our souls programs and codes our actions to benefit the greater calling to do good to ourselves.

But in order to see that, we must erase that which unclear from our minds, so that we can have a good view of the self.

In that frame of mind, it is true that 'good' is 'good' whether or not it is done by a religious person or not. Just as 'Goo' is 'God' whether or not a person reach for 'God's Love' through Jesus or not. Keeping that Christ is not Jesus' last name, but it is a way to elevate the person as a being from 'God' or the 'Goodness of God', etcetera..

Christianity is a belief that is based on Jesus being the light by which we can see within ourselves the connection to the powers of 'Good' or 'God', if you prefer.

So, Christians have done wrong, but that is a different angle from Christianity being wrong.

If the cross was used to do wrong, you can not blame the cross - you must blame the people that used it to do wrong.

You get it!

Let us go somewhere else.

It is also believed that no matter how twisted a person is, he/she can submit to his/hser inner calling to do good, and be born again of the Spirit of humility and unity; be awakwned to the spirit of positive creation and not of negative destruction in order to find his/her trueself.

It is also believed that some are so twisted in darkness (bad confusion) that they can not even imagine a harmonic illumination (good clarification) that would allow them to see creation, but that they only visualize destruction.

You are what you believe.

But greater than that is that your faith is who you are. Be careful what you believe and have faith in.

I will not go back to make sure that every idea in this message is clear to the point that i wanted to make. So, if something is a little cloudy, please excuse me as i am certain you will see clearly through it.

Happy Holidays!

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