I wish they could start all over so Haiti could proclaim its...

Toulimen - December 21 2010, 9:03 PM

I wish they could start all over so Haiti could proclaim its own president.

I was a supporting of Mirelande, but I found out that she would represent the status quo and there would be no hope for us. Haitian politicians are attached with money and material wealth too much and they will be far to represent the will of the Haitian people.

As Obama said it in one of his political discourses in Africa that the "African Continent does not need strong men, but strong democratic institutions to advance the causes of their people." I would say the same thing for Haiti that the latter does not need a titled Execellence President, but a political servant to serve the needs of its people.

I will serve this country one day with no salary and things will change for real. I do not like the treatment that males are giving to women in Haiti and I will make Haiti an egalitarian society for all. I believe in Haitians and peace and prosperity can come back again.

Do not lose faith and hope ok. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!

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Start a new election where everybody will be able to...


hi Toulimen

Toulimen, please ekri mwen nan virgojava35 at yahoo.fr, we need to talk.

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