We need a transcendental leader with a strong vision capable...

Samba - December 18 2010, 9:07 PM

We need a transcendental leader with a strong vision capable of moving this Negro Country forward.

We need to renounce to any subservient mentality to take our destiny seriously.

The Haitian Bourgeoisie destroys the notion of humanity in Haitians and they develop in them a subservient mentality.

This subservient mentality makes Haitians act like subhumans that have to begg, steal, lie and corrupt others to make a living.

Haitians lost their humanity and it will take a strong will as well as a strong leadership to move Haiti forward.

The Haitian Bourgeoisie are the maids of the white males in positions of power around the world and the day they can renounce to their subserviency toward whites, Haitians in Haiti will be saved as they affront their destiny...As you said, Haitians are capable of changing themselves but a transcendental leader is needed too to help them change...

We need to educate Haitians in their language the language of the majority i.e. 100% of Haitians to move Haiti forward.

Boujwa nan peyi Dayiti dwe sispan fe domestik blan pou Ayisyen ka sispan fe domestik boujwa an Ayiti e se le sa nap rive devlope peyi nou an ki anvlope nan sek visye Boujwa Ayisyen ak Blan...

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